The Hogs Wild Ranch hunting area is over 5,000 acres. The main ranch was homesteaded in the 1800’s, and has been in the family ever since. The wild boar hunting service was started in 1978 by Larry Greve. The ranch consists of rolling hills, tall ridges, flat areas and steep canyons. The cover consists of live oak, manzanita, and general scrub brush. We started the hog hunting guide service in the early 70’s. We cater to bowhunters and rifle hunters. There are two comfortable cabins with beds, bathrooms, hot showers, heaters, and a barbeque area.

For our rifle hunters we have several excellent areas that are loaded with some great hogs. Our rifle hunts are fully guided and we guarantee you an opportunity to see hogs. Rifle hunters have a 90% opportunity rate. Bowhunters have a special area that is bowhunting only. It is an area of over 600 acres. You will work to get your pig!! Bow hunts are semi guided hunts and have a success rate of about 50%. You will definitely see hogs!!

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